About Us

G-MEDS helps doctors care for their traveling patients worldwide. Our first-of-its kind e-pharmacy platform ensures effective, accurate and on-time fulfillment of medical prescriptions, delivered right to patients’ doorstep. Saves time, saves money. In today’s highly globalized and digitally connected world, doctors and patients want convenience without compromising on quality of care and service.

For the first time, doctors now have access to a full-fledged pharmacy stocked with branded and branded generics without the cost of maintaining a perishable inventory. For patients, the front-to-back service means saving time in not having to travel to and wait at the doctor’s clinic or pharmacy each time a prescription needs to be refilled.

GMEDES Pte Ltd, a healthcare technology based solutions provider, developed G-MEDS so that doctors can continue to provide global care for traveling patients and medical tourists, while enabling them to tap into the burgeoning global medical tourism market.

We work closely with a well-established Malaysia pharmacy chain and a reputable Singapore pharmacy, to source and deliver a wide range of branded and branded generics worldwide. With our in-house specialized logistics expertise and partners, we have the proven experience to deliver prescriptions to international patients daily, including those in North America, Europe, Japan and the rest of Asia.

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